Guest Post: Top 5 Reasons Why Students Should Learn Kung Fu

Guest Post: Top 5 Reasons Why Students Should Learn Kung Fu

Kung Fu helps you become both physically and mentally fit and also builds traits that come in very handy when you are a part of the competitive college or university life. Although it is not mandatory for students to learn this martial art, it helps a student acquire the following essential qualities to take up the pressures of student life.

Getting more active

Practicing Kung Fu helps you become more active and get moving, which is very essential to cope up with the daily challenges of university life. Martial arts in general brings in a good amount of fitness and helps fight the problem of obesity, which is indeed an unwelcome guest when you are a student (and also at any point of your life). If you stay in your best shape and possess the optimum activity level, you would be able to handle your classes, studies as well as extra-curricular activities more effectively.

Learning to concentrate

Kung fu training invariably leads to enhanced concentration. The participant is required to learn a number of techniques and movements. Moreover, there is a continual pressure to become focused so that all the techniques are correctly learnt.  This undoubtedly pays off when a student is pursuing a course in college since a lot of focus is required in this case too.

Gaining the ability to respect others

Respect is one of the core values which has led to the origination of martial arts in general and hence is an integral part of the art of kung fu. It is imperative for a student to show respect for his fellow student, his instructor and for the class and the school as a whole. When you are learning kung fu as a student, it can give you a number of messages, such as respect for another individual’s abilities and gratitude for the learning received.

As you learn kung fu, you begin to value expertise, rank, experience and age. When you respect those who have greater knowledge compared to you (which is manifested in their higher rank), you reveal your capability of being taught by them. When you are in school, college or university, such respect for seniors students and instructors helps you cope up better with your studies and get due guidance.

Getting disciplined

The entire course of kung fu training teaches a person to become self-disciplined. The coveted black belt cannot be achieved overnight; it calls for hard work and patience, along with the capability of setting tangible goals on the part of the kung fu learner. So, when a student gets trained in kung fu, he also learns to become disciplined as he pursues his course, which too requires several years of dedicated study.

Learning to take hits

Perseverance is a very crucial tool that helps you sail seamlessly through your student life. When you get trained in Kung Fu, you learn to take a hit and then again get back to the fight. This is similar to failing in a test and then handling the failure, as you start your preparations afresh to score well in the coming test. The main thing is that you will learn to fail and then again hit back.


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