Guest Post: Mitigate culture shock in China; have a look at our “infographic”!

Guest Post: Mitigate culture shock in China; have a look at our “infographic”!

Whether you are a regular traveller to the country or a first-timer visiting China, almost for sure you will at some point experience culture shock. No matter which part of China you are visiting, maybe Harbin or Sichuan, or cities in southern China such as Guangzhou or Shenzhen, you are going to see things which will surprise, dismay or shock you; you can expect to take time to learn about local customs, ways of doing things and eating or business etiquette.

So, with a big thanks to Anna for giving us the chance to make this post on her blog, we’d like to let you know that we’ve tried to prepare something to help foreigners settle in, assimilate and blend with local people easily and without making any major cultural mistakes.

We call this aid an “infographic” and it was created by one of our authors, C. Fernandes. This infographic summarises the top 10 key challenges that foreigners are likely to face especially if they are new to China—plus we give some helpful tips on how to deal with them! In fact, even you have been lived in China for a long time you might find the infographic useful. No matter, in any event we‘d love to have some feedback and hear something about your experiences and adventures.

Additionally, if want to know more about women in China today, feel free to check the latest posts at Chinese wife blog to get a better understanding of women in one of the world’s most populous countries.  


Happy adventures in China!


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Anna Z. is a freelance illustrator and portrait artist in her late 20s, with a passion for Martial Arts and Chinese culture, and is the creator of Lost Panda, a blog to China and Art. Together with her husband, a Chinese national, she writes about daily life in rural China, focusing on cultural and social differences and the joys (and sometimes difficulties) as an intercultural couple. Apart from China related topics, she publishes her artwork, photography, art material reviews and tutorials to help more people discover their creative side. She is fluent in German, English and Mandarin Chinese.

One thought on “Guest Post: Mitigate culture shock in China; have a look at our “infographic”!

  1. Thanks for sharing! this is a very nice infographic.
    When I first moved to China I always took care of my chopsticks but then one day I realized no one from my Chinese family, colleagues or friends ever believed in that. I asked them and most part of them did not even hear about that, I was the only one taking care of it.

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