Guest Post: How to Celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day in China?

Guest Post: How to Celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day in China?

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The Double Seven Festival is the most sentimental among conventional Chinese celebrations. The day is likewise now known for Chinese Valentine’s Day. Theessential members in this celebration are young ladies, and the fundamental exercises are to show their residential aptitudes; petition God for satisfaction, riches, and life span; adore Zhinü (the weaver god), and make wishes for having a good husband.


The traditions of this celebration fluctuates as per the diverse areas, the same trust is valued by all. The most pervasive custom is that of young ladies appealing to Zhi Nu for able hands for sewing. Since Zhi Nu is viewed as a lovely lady deft at weaving, at night of the celebration, young ladies sew a few articles to contend with each other and set some up flavourful natural products to adore Zhi Nu keeping in mind the end goal to be invested with the excellent sewing ability. Not just seeking after this ability, they likewise go to have a sweet love.

The most common custom is that of young ladies imploring Zhi Nu for capable hands for sewing. Since Zhi Nu is viewed as a delightful lady deft at weaving, at night of the celebration, young ladies sew a few articles to rival each other and set some up heavenly organic products to love Zhi Nu keeping in mind the end goal to be invested with the excellent sewing expertise. Not just seeking after this expertise, they additionally appeal to have a sweet love.

Traditional Way to Celebrate

There are numerous varieties in Double Seventh Festival traditions crosswise over China. The most mainstream traditions incorporate exhibiting household abilities, worshiping Zhinü the Weaver, praising the birthdays of dairy cattle, and making and eating ‘aptitude organic product’. Threading a needle is the longest standing intends to “argue aptitudes”. The showing calls for quickly threading a needle under moonlight.


On the eve of the Double Seventh Day, the young ladies would lounge around the table and show their wonderful embroidery to demonstrate their aptitudes. They would likewise watch the Vega group of stars, and appeal to God for a decent spouse and a cheerful life. After that, they would play amusements or read sonnets until midnight. The custom of respecting bulls is to pay tribute to the unbelievable bull, which recollected Niulang’s graciousness and in appreciation attempted to reimburse it.

How do Chinese people celebrate now?

Different Competition

China’s Qixi Festival, which this year falls on August 16, is getting to be expanding know as ‘Chinese Valentine’s Day’. Notwithstanding, this customary Chinese celebration in view of a sentimental romantic tale that began over 2,000 years prior initially had little relationship with St. Valentine or Hallmark.


Like all people stories, there are numerous varieties of the Qixi Festival legend, yet the fundamental story is typically the same. A Chinese couple were isolated by the goddess of Heaven, who was irate that a pixie would need to wed a mortal. They could just meet once per year on a scaffold shaped by jaybirds, who took pity on the isolated couple.

Although few contend that Qixi Festival is a significant others’ vacation, its relationship with the Western Valentine’s Day is generally new. There is an opposition displayed distinctively as the celebration moves closer and specialists on both sides are saying something.

Valentine’s Day dinner party

Chinese individuals have embraced the conventions of Westerners on observing Valentine’s Day, for example, trading endowments (like blossoms, chocolates, ties and watches), making an uncommon date to or have a sentimental supper or watch a film at night, or even to make a marriage enrollment if Valentine’s Day falls on a work day.


Consequently, bigger measures of chocolate will be at a bargain in stores, and, contrasted and those standard days, silver screens will be much busier, and the cost of blooms (particularly roses) and eateries and inns (particularly sentimental ones) could be much higher. Numerous eateries will have unique set menus, particularly those in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai.

Chinese individuals have additionally rolled out a few improvements toward the Western method for observing Valentine’s Day. For some senior couples, the spouse may set up a rich supper, or purchase an exquisite dress intricately for his significant other on this day, to demonstrate his appreciation.

Some gifts to give your love in China

The greater part of the presents for Valentine’s Day are the same as in western nations, these can be further presented as Valentine’s Day Gift delivery in China. For example, blessings from refined men: blossoms (customarily red roses), chocolates, adornments, a dress, an in vogue sack, clothing (not appropriate for the individuals who have quite recently begun dating), a brush, a jewellery, and so on.


Endowments from women are a watch, a tie, a shirt, a shaver, a wallet, a lighter, and so forth. As a man of honour, on the off chance that one picks a bunch of yellow roses as the blessing to your young lady, he may need to a volume of clarification, on the grounds that displaying yellow roses to somebody he cherishes for the most part symbolizes the revelation of separating.

Don’t give such type of gifts

Umbrellas and shoes cannot be considered as Valentine’s Day gifts in China. These type of things would be fine for wedded couples. In any case, on the off chance that you are simply going out or connected with, you may need to give careful consideration to the apparent implications underneath.



It could help you keep away from terrible signs, as indicated by ever; you may give careful consideration to them, in light of the fact that huge numbers of the youngsters in China now overlook it.

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