Dog Parks in Shanghai

Dog Parks in Shanghai

Dog ownership is getting more and more common in China. Yes, in some more rural parts of China no one cares much about dogs, and our fluffy friends can run free if they are lucky; otherwise in many cases they are on a metal leash fated to stay at one spot.

But what about those dog owners who live in a big city? What about all us foreigners who decide to get a new family member and plan on giving him/her a proper dog life?

I have done a big amount of research about keeping dogs in China, what do pay attention to, and how to keep your little friend happy and healthy.

One thing every dog loves the most (except eating maybe) is running off-leash with his canine comrades. I lived in Shanghai for quite a while and they have a wide range of good dog parks.

Keep in mind that you will need a license for your dog in order to enter most of the parks. If you don’t have one yet you should think about getting one better sooner than later as unlicensed dogs are sometimes confiscated, and owners who’ve experienced this say there’s little to no chance of getting them back before they’re euthanized.

Dog Parks in Shanghai

Moon River Sculpture Park

This park is not designed specifically for dogs, but the grass, the beach and the lake make it a popular place for affluent dog owners on weekends. Dogs can enter with licensed ownership documents only and they get their own entry tickets costing 30RMB each and human entry tickets cost 120RMB each.

Address: 1158 Linyin Xin Lu, near Jiasong Nan Lu, Songjiang district

Binhai Forest Park上海滨海森林公园

Binhai forest

True this park is a bit far away (a bit over an hour outside the city by car), but it is worth the trip. Binhai Forest Park is known for its tulip displays from March to early May, and has walkways, artificial windmills and ponds throughout the rest of the year. It welcomes dogs and admission is free, but don’t forget to bring your license. Owners pay 40RMB entry.

Address: 118 Dongda Highway, near Hongxiang North Road, Pudong. 浦东新区东大公路118号,近宏祥北路

Open 8.30am-4pm daily.


Pet Park (Songjiang) 宠物公园

pet park2

People are charged 50RMB entry, and dogs 20RMB. Two large fenced fields allow dogs to run free and practice on agility equipment.

There is no English-speaking staff but there’s usually a bilingual customer or two around.

Address: 1 Maoche Lu, Tongjian Village, Yexie Town, Songjiang District. 松江区叶榭镇同建村毛车路1 (近车亭公路)

Open 8:30am – 4:30pm daily

Ding Ding Pet Park

This working farm also has a pet park complete with pet toys, training facilities, grass field, and a doggie swimming pool. Not sure about the admission fee, some sites say 20RMB per person and dogs free, some other say dogs admission 100RMB, but owners free. Haven’t been there yet.

Address: 1272 Yexinzhi Lu, near Xixing Highway, Songjiang District. 松江区叶新支路1271号,近西兴公路

Open 8:30am – 5:30pm daily

I can recommend the Moon River Sculpture Park no matter if you are a dog owner or not. It has a lot to do and lots of space to enjoy a relaxed Sunday.

Do you own a dog in China? What are your experiences? Where to you take him/her for a walk?

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