10 Best Things You Should Give as a Chinese New Year Gift

10 Best Things You Should Give as a Chinese New Year Gift

10 Best Things You Should Give as a Chinese New Year Gift


For Chinese New Year gifts you need not buy anything too fancy or expensive. The gift you give is based on your income. But, do forget to put your gift in a box or a bag. There is a range of products which can be given as gifts for the new year. Even food and drinks are okay as present. Remember to stay away from the black and white colors that have been labeled as the taboo. Red and yellow colors are considered to be fortunate. Let’s take a look at a few gift ideas this season…




Spirits and Alcohol are amazing presents for the Chinese men. If your host for the new yeardrinks or likes to collect spirits, then get him a foreign branded spirit as a present. In China, foreignbrands still hold more of a choice than the local ones. So get him a bottle of foreign scotch, whiskey or brandy as a present. Chinese men also like French and Italian wine as presents.




A box or a tin of tea nicely wrapped won’t be turned down whether or not your hosts are Chinese. In a country where good tea can be quite expensive, a box of tea would be a really good gift. But do not buy the bagged tea or the cheap ones from the shops. Since it is a present, opt for a fancy box of tea. Three national chains that are quite popular are Wu Yu Tai, Zhang Yi Yuan and Tian Fu Ming Cha.


Fruits, Nuts and Candies Basket


You can also opt for a gift basket delivery in China having fruits, nuts and candies. They are practical and very useful. Fruits such as apples and oranges are recommended since they symbolize safety and fortune respectively. Candies on the other hand, are perfect if there are kids in the family. And who doesn’t love nuts! Those three make the perfect combination for a gift basket.




If your Chinese host loves to smoke, then try and find out the name of the brand because he sure will love a box of whichever brand that is. Giving a box of smokes will help you to make friendships in the blink of an eye on China. The national brand Chunghwa is the most expensive one in the market so there is no point second guessing it. Just buy a box and gift it to your host.


Chinese Money Plants

chinese money plant

These plants are a good luck charm and also a very good present. The leaves are shaped like Chinese ingots from the ancient times. The plants are twisted which is said to bring in positivity and get rid of the negative vibes. These plants symbolize encouragement to overcome hardships in life. Thus giving the money plants as presents show that you care for the person receiving it and that helps to make the bond stronger.




You can never go wrong with flowers no matter what occasion it is. Yet, you need to know which flowers to present. You can choose flowers such as Azalea, Narcissus and Peony for new year gifts. You can opt fresh flowers for delivery in China because it is considered to be a great present for the New Year.


Chinese Porcelain Fruit Bowls and Vases

Chinese Porcelain Fruit Bowls and Vases

Chinese Porcelain items are famous all over the world. The beautiful designs tend to make the porcelain items even more sought after. During the new year, fresh fruits are often put in the porcelain bowls for decoration. So, you can think of presenting your loved ones with Chinese porcelain fruit bowls and vases. Flower arrangements in porcelain vases look gorgeous and are perfect for the occasion. A wide range of designs and styles are available in the market.


Chinese Lanterns

Chinese Lanterns

Chinese Lanterns are popular and seen anywhere in the world with a Chinese community. Even restaurants with a Chinese theme have the Red Chinese Lanterns. They symbolize the Chinese culture in a really vivid fashion. You can buy these lanterns and offer them as presents to your friends and family members. However, do remember to pick lanterns with animal prints that represent the new year in the Chinese zodiac calendar. Or else, you can go for the safe bet and buy lanterns with floral motifs on them.




Jewelry is a very interesting piece of gift that can be given for a Chinese New Year. You can get a Chinese zodiac diamond necklace for your dear one or a silver longevity pendant. If you know the zodiac sign of a person then get her a diamond necklace. A silver pendant with the inscription of ‘to a long life’ can also work as a superb new year present. Works better if the pendant is in the shape of a Chinese character.


Keepsake Boxes

Chinese Kepp Sake Boxes

Keepsake boxes are really nice gifts for people who are close to your heart. You can get your special someone a wooden jewelry box with satin lining and a mirror inside it. Just the perfect little gift! If you look for keepsake boxes online you will find places where you can personalize them. Engrave the boxes with the name of your beloved and present is ready.


Note: Take a pair of gifts with you, as Chinese people believe that good things should be in pairs.

For the Next Valentine’s Day in China…

Just like every other country, gifts for Valentine’s Day in China are next to think about. While you can choose from a huge range of gifts, it is important to make the gift a little more personal. Do not just slap up something at the last moment. Take some time to think and get your beloved a thoughtful gift. Even if it is a piece of jewelry you bought, think about making it more personal by engraving it. Personalized gifts will help you to get your feelings across to your partner and make the Valentine’s Day extra special for the both of you.



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