GUEST POST: How Can I Impress a Chinese Woman?

If you are thinking about finding a date in China, you may be expecting it to be easy.  If you’re planning to use the same charms, spend a little money on her and she’ll be yours, you may be in for a shock.

This can work sometimes, but you may find yourself with a Chinese girlfriend who is only interested in your money and expects you to buy her expensive gifts regularly. Cut off the cash flow and she may get angry and leave.

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I believe there are better and smarter ways to impress a Chinese girl and start a good relationship. If you are interested to know more about women from Asia, you are welcomed to visit our Asian marriage blog for more information.

  1. Sign up on QQ/Wechat
    It may sound a bit trivial, but if you are on QQ or Wechat (Weixin), Chinese people see that as an indication that you really love Chinese culture.  When you tell Chinese people, especially young women, that you are on Wechat, they will be in awe and will gladly connect with you.Asian women_pic_2

Get her to talk about herself
All over the world, men have a tendency to spend a lot of time talking about themselves.  They talk about their job, how much they make, how large their house is, if they have more than one house, their education, their pastimes, the list could go on for days.  Chinese women are raised to be humble, especially when in the presence of a man, so you may have to work on her a little to get her to open up.  Once you do get her talking about herself, however, she’ll be smitten. Once she gets started, just listen, nod occasionally, and ask questions to keep her talking.Asian women_pic_4

  1. Be Chivalrous
    If you watch videos on the internet of Chinese couples, you’ll find the men rarely do the little gentlemanly things that ladies in the West expect, such as holding the door open, carrying packages, helping her out of the car, and other little actions that show you see her as a lady.  In the beginning, these things may take her by surprise and she may not know how to respond, but soon, she’ll start to really appreciate you and how you treat her.

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  1. Ask her to teach you her language
    The Chinese language is difficult to learn, and even harder to learn to speak well.  Some people spend years studying and never quite get it right.  If you are interested in a Chinese girl, you can really show how interested you are in her and her culture by asking her to teach you Chinese.  If you already speak some Chinese, ask her to help you improve.  This will give her a reason to spend time with you without her friends making fun of her or her parents thinking you’re up to no good.  Even if you just learn a few new words and phrases, it’s a good start.

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This list is just a few things to keep in mind if you want a Chinese woman to like you.  Of course, every woman is different and what works on one may not work as well on the next, but these tips should have most Chinese women responding favorably.

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Anna Z. is a freelance illustrator and portrait artist in her late 20s, with a passion for Martial Arts and Chinese culture, and is the creator of Lost Panda, a blog to China and Art. Together with her husband, a Chinese national, she writes about daily life in rural China, focusing on cultural and social differences and the joys (and sometimes difficulties) as an intercultural couple. Apart from China related topics, she publishes her artwork, photography, art material reviews and tutorials to help more people discover their creative side. She is fluent in German, English and Mandarin Chinese.

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