GUEST POST Book presentation: Hongkong Treasure

GUEST POST Book presentation: Hongkong Treasure

“Leyte Province in the Philippines. Her running steps echoed from the walls. Would he catch her? It meant white slavery if he did. Slamming open the kitchen door, she burst out of the hotel despite the typhoon ravaging the eastern coast. The destructive winds and rains were buffered in the alleyway behind the hotel, but she still had to fight for each step away from the man she knew was just behind her.

        Without warning, massive walls of water rushed into the alley from both ends. The sixteen-foot wave scooped her up and battered her against the buildings. When the storm surge receded, she lay bruised and unconscious beneath a mass of water-logged debris.”


What would you do if you woke up in a church-turned-shelter after a devastating typhoon with no idea of who you were or what you were even doing in the Philippines? You have nothing to your name, having to borrow a too-large sundress, and all around you were the injured and lost.

Then a handsome, Chinese actor/philanthropist shows up with badly needed money and supplies and offers to take you with him to Hong Kong to rest and recuperate. Would you go?

Courtesy of Diane Wickles

Courtesy of Diane Wickles

So Annie, the American girl Deshi Han rescues and names, begins to follow Deshi while he makes movies and performs his charity works. She enjoys their time together; however, his female assistant is jealous of her and Annie is troubled with nightmares that reveal a danger from her past.

Courtesy of Diane Wickles

Courtesy of Diane Wickles

Deshi, famous all over Asia, has always given 110% to his career and charity works. He feels a serious relationship would jeopardize that commitment. Rescuing Annie was just one of his numerous charity works and even though he is enjoying showing her his world, when she gains her memory back he will deliver her to her family.

But things do not always go as planned.

Hong Kong Treasure 

Diane T. Wickles

Diane T. Wickles

Diane T. Wickles has always had a love for the written word and never goes anywhere without a book to read. She would rather give up her assortment of shoes than give up her books.

After earning her BA from Mercyhurst University she began more than a decade of teaching computer classes and editing newsletters. Writing fiction gives voice to her more creative side.

Diane is a member of Pennwriters and two local writers groups. She has published several short pieces online in various genres and now is concentrating on full-length romance novels under the pen name, D. Dominik Wickles.

She lives along the shore of Lake Erie with her husband, two sons and a very spoiled feline. In her spare time she likes camping with her family and building and decorating dollhouses.


Contact Diane at ddominikATgmailDOTcom

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***I’d really like to thank Anna Z for the opportunity to guest post on Lost Panda to tell all her followers about my book.

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Anna Z. is a freelance illustrator and portrait artist in her late 20s, with a passion for Martial Arts and Chinese culture, and is the creator of Lost Panda, a blog to China and Art. Together with her husband, a Chinese national, she writes about daily life in rural China, focusing on cultural and social differences and the joys (and sometimes difficulties) as an intercultural couple. Apart from China related topics, she publishes her artwork, photography, art material reviews and tutorials to help more people discover their creative side. She is fluent in German, English and Mandarin Chinese.

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