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profile pic1A blog about our life in rural China. Together with my husband, a Chinese national, we write about daily life here in the middle of nowhere, focusing on cultural and social differences and the joys (and sometimes difficulties) as a intercultural couple.

Our life in Bozhou, a small city or more village in Northern Anhui province, is nothing but average and makes for interesting stories.

For more photos and daily updates, check out our Facebook Page. I am also working as an artist and illustrator and have moved all post relating to art to my new site Anna Z. Art.

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My first published children’s picture book is available for kindle on Amazon!

“A delightful interactive kindle picture book for young children seeking to explain some of the traditions of Chinese New Year.” – B. A. Mojica

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For more work in progress photos of my recent work please check my Art Facebook Page or for detailed information on commissions and pricing hop over to my official Art Page Anna Z. Art.

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Anna Z. is a freelance illustrator and portrait artist in her late 20s, with a passion for Martial Arts and Chinese culture, and is the creator of Lost Panda, a blog to China and Art. Together with her husband, a Chinese national, she writes about daily life in rural China, focusing on cultural and social differences and the joys (and sometimes difficulties) as an intercultural couple. Apart from China related topics, she publishes her artwork, photography, art material reviews and tutorials to help more people discover their creative side. She is fluent in German, English and Mandarin Chinese.

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